Our Practitioners

Carlyn Brown, R. Ac


Carlyn opened the doors of Wellington Acupuncture & Massage in 2002 after obtaining diplomas in both Acupuncture (2001) and Holistic Health (1998) in Edmonton, AB.  Always continuing her education, she has since studied with renowned acupuncturists Lonny Jarrett and Kiiko Matsumoto, as well as taken several workshops on other health interests. She believes healing begins when a person has a yearning to bring about balance, health and peace to their lives. Acupuncture and energy-work help to facilitate this change and support an individual on their healing path.   

Outside of work, Carlyn enjoys being in nature as much as she can, whether it be in her garden, hiking in the woods, or at her husband's family farm.  In 2015 she graduated from an online meditation teacher training program through the Meditation Learning Centre in Mesa, Arizona and likes to explore ways her clients may benefit from beginning and/or maintaining a meditation practice to support  their overall well-being.

Kate Callaghan, RMT


After completing a BSc in health sciences at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Kate graduated in 1991 from the Sutherland Chan School in Toronto and has been practicing massage therapy for twenty three years. In 2003 Kate joined Carlyn, and the gang at the Wellington Acupuncture and Massage clinic. Kate leads a very active life and particularly enjoys outdoor activities. Her future goals are to continue to learn as much as possible about how our bodies work and heal.

Elizabeth Howes, RMT


Growing up on a farm north of Kingston, Elizabeth developed a deep appreciation of nature and a keen understanding of our relationship to it. Her passion for a holistic approach to health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, led her to a career in Massage Therapy.  As a practitioner and advocate of yoga, Elizabeth focuses on the mind/body connection in her treatments through breath work, including deep diaphragmatic breathing. She also enhances the benefits of massage by providing simple stretching and strengthening exercises which can easily be incorporated into a daily routine. Educating and empowering others to develop body awareness and a sense of well-being is one of her greatest joys.

Joni, clinic greeter


Joni can be seen laying over the heat vent in the winter and the air conditioner vent in the summer.  She will usually come say hello, get a pet or two, and then head right back to laying on the floor.  If you have allergies or a fear of dogs, please let us know and we'll make sure she is not in the clinic when you arrive.

Although Joni loves being in the clinic, she also loves her farm life and hanging out with her friend, Schade, chasing squirrels and napping.